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Tesi's High Energy Ignition System can be used to directly ignite oil and gas burners. As a Class 3 Igniter, the output energy of up to 24 Joules provides powerful sparks with a rate of 6 sparks/sec. as a standard.

The circuit is provided with a regulator on the main inlet so that the sparks rate can be finely adjusted ( by TESI accordingly to customer request). This circuit is also able to monitor :

  • Transformer temperature and prevent any damage due to over temperature;
  • Transformer max current, capacitor max voltage, spark down rate(<2);
  • Max working time.

Tesi's High Energy system can be utilized in both Safe and Hazardous areas. The main components for both applications consist of a Power Pack unit installed in an enclosure box suitable for wall mounting, a High Energy rod complete with a replaceable spark tip and an high voltage connecting cable.

Standard production consists of a rigid ignition rod, but a flexible configuration can be realized for tilting tangential applications. 

Fuel Types
All fuels especially heavy oil

Markets Served

Special Features
The rapid spark rate allows this unit to directly ignite heavy fuel oil that is air, steam or mechanically atomised. This allows pilot torches to be removed. Built in spark-on relay easily integrate to burner management to simulate flame on from a pilot.

• 110 ~ 230 VAC input
• 24 sparks per second
• 10 Joules of energy per spark
• 1400vdc output
• Modular design, all parts replaceable
• Can run up to 8 minutes at 33% ED
• Capable of directly igniting Heavy Oil
• Built in spark check relay
• Over temp sensor
• Can be fitted in an EEXE Atex box 

Dimensions for the XEC24 Model