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The InSight Series 4 is best suited to combustion applications that require the highest level of sophistication and flexibility (addition choices of modulation frequencies, and the time-saving Auto Config function), and remote Modbus communications capability (e.g. larger multi-burner boilers and furnaces).

The InSight Series 4 scanner contains either the infrared or ultraviolet flame sensor described below. The infrared flame sensor, responds to infrared radiation from 700 to 1700 nanometers wavelength. The ultraviolet flame sensor, responds to ultraviolet radiation from 295 to 350 nanometers wavelength.

The Fireye InSight Series 4 scanner belongs to an established family of versatile fully microprocessor based, integrated flame scanners. The InSight Series 4 scanner holds multiple worldwide safety agency approvals 

The InSight Series 4 scanners utilise advanced techniques for discrimination and integrate the flame detection, amplification, safety determination and flame switch functions into a single detection head. No separate amplifier or flame switch module is therefore required to interface with the main burner management system.

InSight Series 4 incorporates the superior detection and discrimination elements of the popular InSight II product with some enhanced features.

The scanner measures the amplitude of the modulations (the flame “flicker”) that occur within the targeted flame. During the scanner set-up procedure, the modulation frequency that yields the best flame ON/OFF discrimination is selected. The appropriate modulation frequency and sensor gain can be either manually or automatically selected.

InSight Series 4 is a solid state detector scanner utilizing either UV or IR detector and two different available connectors which are compatible either with the 59-608 (-1WINC models) cable.

Standard features include an independently adjustable Flame Relay, 21 choices of modulation frequency, adjustable sensor gain, adjustable flame relay ON/OFF thresholds, a 4-20 mA analog signal strength output, Fault Relay, four selectable programmable files (e.g. for different fuels or firing rates), and Auto Config capability with manual override. Remote communication capability is available via optional “Fireye Explorer” PC software (CU-109).

These InSight Series 4 sensors have a two-line by sixteen-character alpha-numeric OLED display with a five-pushbutton keypad.

The -2 models of the InSight Series 4 (e.g., 95UVS4-2, 95IRS4-2) provide a Form C flame relay output contact (NO/NC).