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The NXM1G system is an intelligent micro-processor basedhot water heater optimisation control system designed to reduce enegry costs by providing optimum thermal efficiency of Low Temperature Hot Water (LTHW) boilers. (<125 C) 

The NXM1G is designed to prevent boiler short cycling which occurs when a boiler loses heat to its surroundings. The NXM1G is fully compatible with existing control systems and building management. Designed for use with low & medium temperature water boilers, single stage burners, fully modulating burners and electric heaters.

  • Open loop commercial boilers that use gas, oil, propane / LPG or electric heating elements for directly heated hot water
  • Single or multiple boiler configurations
  • Compatible with existing controls and operations; operates with existing BMS
  • Dynamic and self adjusting
  • Single Stage, Multi--Stage, or Modulating boilers 
  • Electric heaters
  • Supply Voltage:     120/230 VAC  50/60Hz
  • Rated Current:       50mA
  • Relay Switch Cap:   2A at 120V AC (resistive)
  • Fuse Rating:           1.6A @ 120V AC
  • Dimensions:           175mm x 200mm x 54mm
  • Sensors:                 Plug in Digital Therm (2) 
  • Sensor Range:        55 - 125 DEG C
  • Weight:                   1.6KGs
  • Environment:          IP11
  • Min/Max Temp:      0 - 52 DEG C









Intelligent Hot Water Heater Control with digital temperature sensors