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Flame Scanner Amplifier | MBCE-FR | Lias Industrial


SIL2 certified amplifier for Ionisation rods. Offers SPDT flame relay and 4-20mA output. Din Mountable


The MBCE-110/230FR modules provide visual indication and electrical outputs that signal the user regarding flame presence in a combustion chamber. The module uses Fireye flame rods to sense flame presence independently or as components in a burner management system. Many operational characteristics are provided including:

  • CE approved
  • Self-contained: 110 VAC, 50/60 Hz:

          MBCE-110FR-1, MBCE-110FR-3

  • 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz:

          MBCE-230FR-1, MBCE-230FR-3

  • Flame Rod compatible (ionisation rod)
  • Flame ON/OFF LED indicator
  • 4-20mA permits direct reading of flame signal strength
  • Uses CE approved 11-pin relay base
  • Panel surface or DIN-rail mounting
  • Self-check The unit provides a cost effective, self-checking method of monitoring flames using the ionization principle.


• 110 or 230v opperation
• For use with flame rods (Ionisation rod)
• Solid state self check for continuous use
• 1 x SPDT Flame on relays
• 1 x SPST Fault relay
• 1 x 4-20mA flame quality output.
• Test jacks
• DIN rail mountable
• Self checking LED
• Flame on LED
• Plug in base
• Approved for SIL2 Installations
• Can be supplied in Zone 1 / 21 enclosures up to 4 per box
• Atex zone 1 cable available
• Ionisation and ignition electrodes available in safe or Atex enclosures