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The new ignition module is capable of supplying a good spark with up to a 500 meter cable length.

The spark generation circuit is different from the old HE ignition unit, Xec18, so the spark is now able to ignite low quality fuels as well.

The new housing is filled with resin, ensuring waterproof performance of the unit, which is particularly important in outdoor applications. 

Fuel Types

All Gases

Markets Served

All, especially flares and process burners

Special Features

This low cost unit is best suited to gas burners and can easily ignite flares at a distance of 500m between power pack and ignition lance. It is a favourite amongst OEM's.

• 110 ~ 230 VAC input
• 2~4 sparks per second
• 3 or 18 Joules of energy per spark
• 1000 vdc output
• Encapsulated design suitable for outdoor installation.
• Can operate with up to 500m of cable
• Best choice for flares
• 1m flying leads as standard
• Can be fitted with quick disconnect fittings 

Dimensions for the XEC03 Model