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The BOILERWATCH® MMP II-SSX acoustic pyrometer is an advanced industrial instrument that provides fully automatic measurement of high combustion-gas temperatures, permitting fuel trimming control within heaters and boilers.

The system is completely non-intrusive, and operates on the principal that the speed of sound in a gas is proportional to the temperature of that gas.

Acoustic transceivers are mounted on the outside of walls of the heater/boiler, and a high intensity acoustic signal is launched through the gas stream.

Since the distance between the sound source and receiver is known and fixed, the average temperature of the gas along the acoustic path is computed from an accurate measurement of the sound signal’s transit time.

BOILERWATCH® MMP II-SSX systems are available in a variety of configurations. With up to 24 individual path temperatures available, systems may be configured for spatial 2 dimensional temperature mapping, independent temperature measurements, or a combination of both. BOILERWATCH®  MMP II-SSX systems are easy to install, commission, and operate.

Markets Served

Utility Boilers

• 110 ~ 230 VAC input
• Measure temperature across the boiler
• Up to 24 different area
• Ideal for monitoring super heater temperatures
• Built in tube leak detection
• Can assist in combustion tuning
• Can assist in trimming fuel and O2
• Allows for soot blower optimisation