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The DURAFire® air atomized No. 2 oil igniter features the only “protected primary combustion zone” design on the market. As a result this igniter is self stabilized, highly reliable and requires virtually no maintenance. Atomization takes place at the rear of the igniter away from the heat of the tip resulting in no fouling or need for cleaning. Most applications require no igniter retraction reducing installation costs and ongoing maintenance.

The DURAFire® oil igniter delivers the most reliable source of energy for main flame ignition, flame stabilization, and boiler warm-up.

Fuel Types

Light - Medium Oil

Markets Served

All, especially HRSG and Utilities

• Class 1,2 and 3 ignition source
• Capacity from 1.5—9Mw
• Air atomised
• Patented protected combustion zone
• Flame detection with UV scanner
• High energy ignition as standard
• Complete stainless steel construction
• Available in any length
• Diameters from 50mm
• Near maintenance-free operation
• Up to 99% reliable ignition 
Fuel: No. 2 oil
BTU Rating: 6-30 MBtu/hr
Atomization Media: Air
Fuel Pressure: 60 psig (at igniter)
Atomizing Air Pressure: 80 psig (at igniter)
Cooling / Combustion Air: Flow: 60 SCFM (at igniter)
Pressure Drop: Approximately 3 in. WC across device
Available in 2 inch increments from 24 to 180 inches (609 to 4572 mm)
Outside Diameter: 4” (igniter can be installed in an existing mount tube for a 4” diameter device)
Material of Construction: Guide Tube and Mount Tube – Carbon Steel
Furnance End of Guide Tube – 304 Stainless Steel
Oil Tip Assembly – 304 Stainless Steel
Retraction Assembly Per Customer Requirments
Oil Tip Assembly Narrow or Wide angle, as required