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Flame Detection Equipment | Forney IDD Ultra Flame scanner

Forney IDD-Ultra UV Flame Scanner

Forney’s IDD-Ultra Flame Detector is the ideal UV detector for applications with high-temperature requirements.

Forney’s Intelligent Dynamic Detector (IDD) – Ultra version is designed to accurately detect and discriminate the radiation produced by the combustion of natural gas or light oil.

The Intelligent Dynamic Detector Ultra (IDD-Ultra) is used in conjunction with Forney’s IDD 9000 amplifiers. (For legacy amplifier compatibility, contact Forney.) The IDD-Ultra solid state circuitry amplifies a continuously changing voltage signal transmitted from the Silicon Carbide (SiC) sensor when flame is sensed. This signal is sent to the amplifier by way of a four conductor cable. The amplifier processes the signal and provides outputs to the burner management system. For trouble-free operation, the electronics of the detector are potted within the cast steel housing. In addition, the amplifier also initiates a periodic check of the sensor and printed circuit board to verify proper operation of the detector assembly, eliminating the need for a mechanical shutter.

IDD-Ultra UV Detector Solid State UV Part #38321-29
Mounting: 1” NPT sight pipe fitting
Materials: Cast Steel Housing, Potted Electronics
Electrical: Supplied by Amplifier, 50 VDC and 15 VDC
Electrical Connections: MS Bayonet connector supplied with cable, 1/2” flexible conduit required
Temperature Ratings: 32°F to 250°F (0°C to 121°C)
If freezing temperatures are expected at the detector head, Forney recommends heat tracing
the detector sight tube.
Consult Forney for higher temperature applications.
Humidity: 0-95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Shipping Weight: 21 oz (0.6 kg)
Approvals: Factory Mutual (FM)
Sensor: Silicon Carbide (SiC)
Wavelength: 200-425 nm (310 nm center)


IDD-Ultra_rev04-2015 Spec Sheet
Publication Number 404005-30

IDD Ultra Dimensions

  • High Temperature Silicon Carbide Sensor – High temperature resistance prevents detector head from overheating on the boiler front. Sensitive to ultra violet light radiation prevalent in natural gas and light oil flames.
  • Dynamic Flame Sensing Circuitry – Senses only a dynamic flame signal, discriminates flame from hot refractory and other background conditions.
  • Compact, Durable Assembly – The printed circuit board and sensor are potted within a cast steel housing providing a maintenance free product.
  • Simplified System Maintenance – Quick disconnect, electrical and mechanical connections are used for easy replacement.
  • Fiber Optics – Optional fixtures are available for fiber optic applications.
  • Factory Mutual Approval –  Factory Mutual (FM) approval means safe operation and lower insurance rates.