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SCR Reheating

Forney provides multiple options to ensure SCR efficiency at lower inlet operating temperatures. Our in-duct, external duct and perimeter fired burners provide unique solutions for this harsh environment.

As a less capital-intensive alternative to economizer by-pass systems, Forney has supplied SCR reheat burners for several large coal-fired utility boilers. Forney's SCR reheaters pump heat into the flue gas stream, thereby maintaining a flue gas temperature that ensurres maximum SCR efficiency. Forney can design a system, sure to satisfy your installation requirements, for any configuration using one of three solutions.

  • Register Style Burner - is designed for high ash environments. It eliminates the problems of slagging, ash build-up and burner fouling by allowing the combustion equipment to operate outside the boiler flue gas duct. Also, the external burners do not increase system pressure drop, making them ideal for retrofit applications.
  • Grid Style Burner - is well suited for low dust flue gas streams and when boiler arrangement does not permit an external SCR reheater system. Forney's reliable duct burners provides a compact in-duct burner system for flue gas temperature control. The duct burner solution minimizes heat input requirements and ongoing operating costs by provding reliable and even heat distribution for effective SCR operation.
  • Perimeter Burner - combines the benefits of both in-duct and external duct firing solutions. Strategically mounted directly ont eh SCR inlet ductwork, perimeter-fired burners inject high velocity, high temperature air directly into the boiler flue gas stream to achieve even mixing and a uniform temperature profile to the ammonia injection grind without internal mixing devices. Because of their light weight and small footprint, Forney burners are easy to apply in the tight space requriements common in retrofit applications.

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