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DGA-X is a continuous emission monitoring system designed to quantify and analyze environmental gases like SO2 and NO being emitted from industrial stacks. Using a UV light source DGA-X efficiently detect emission within UV domain. It utilizes an In-Situ type probe placed inside a stack to measure the density of gas passing it, which requires no sampling. 
DGA-X is composed with a probe and a controller unit. The probe can be broken down into a number segments and they are a gas passage, windows, a mirror fixture, an optical sensor, an optical fiber assembly, and an air-purge. The controller unit also can be broken down into a number of modules and they are a light source, an optical sensor, a Monochromator, a signal processes unit, an output unit, and a power supply unit. DGA-X probe can be customized for Power Plants, Waste Treatment Plants, Steel Industry, Cement Industry, Pulp Industry, and Petrochemical Industry.

• In-situ analysis of SOx, NOx and NH3
• Probe material 316Ti, 316L option
• Gas temps up to 500C (higher available upon request)
• RS-232,/422/485 comms
• No trace heated sample lines
• High accuracy
• User HMI on rear on unit
• 110/230 VAC 50/60hz
• Standard probe lengths 1.6m / 2.1m 
  • Instantaneous monitoring through direct probing in to the stack.
  • No need for gas extraction or preparation.
  • One device for SOx, NOx and NH3 meaning lower costs.
  • Stand alone systems require no external transceiver unit or computer system monitoring.