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Tesi's High Energy Ignition System can be used to directly ignite oil and gas burners. As a Class 3 Igniter, the output energy of up to 15 Joules provides powerful sparks with a rate of 20 sparks/sec. as a standard.

The circuit is provided with a regulator on the main inlet so that the sparks rate can be finely adjusted (by TESI accordingly to customer request). This circuit is also able to monitor :

  • Transformer temperature and prevent any damage due to over temperature;
  • Transformer max current, capacitor max voltage, spark down rate(<2);
  • Max working time.
Tesi's High Energy system can be utilized in both Safe and Hazardous areas. The main components for both applications consist of a Power Pack unit installed in an enclosure box suitable for wall mounting, a High Energy rod complete with a replaceable spark tip and an high voltage connecting cable.
Standard production consists of a rigid ignition rod, but a flexible configuration can be realized for tilting tangential applications. 
  • High reliability

The powerful sparks ensure ignition in all conditions and environments with no risk of failure due to contaminants or humidity.

  • Low maintenance

Self-cleaning spark tips guarantee successful ignition. In fact the high power of the spark cleans the surface of the tip during every ignition.

  • Easy & Fast maintenance

Spark tips screw onto the end of the rod can be replaced quite easily, reconditioning the system very quickly and reducing maintenance costs.

  • Accessories & spare parts

A wide range of accessories and spare parts on stock can be quickly supplied and allows for customization of the systems according to customer specificatio