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The NXM2G system is an intelligent micro-processor based boiler load optimisation control system designed to reduce enegry costs by providing optimum thermal efficiency of Low Temperature Hot Water (LTHW) boilers. 

The NXM2G is designed to prevent boiler dry cycling which occurs when a boiler loses heat to its surroundings. The NXM2G is fully compatible with existing control systems and building management. Designed for use with low & medium temperature water boilers, single stage burners, fully modulating burners and many more.

The unit is ideally suited for Schools, Offices, Hospitals, Hotels and Swimming Pools. 

  • Closed loop commercial boilers that use gas, oil, propane and/or LPG for building or process heating
  • Single or multiple boiler configurations
  • Compatible with existing controls and operations; operates with existing BMS
  • Dynamic and self adjusting
  • Single Stage, Multi--Stage, or Modulating boilers 
  • Supply Voltage:     120/230 VAC  50/60Hz
  • Rated Current:       50mA
  • Relay Switch Cap:   2A at 120V AC (resistive)
  • Fuse Rating:           1.6A @ 120V AC
  • Dimensions:           175mm x 200mm x 54mm
  • Sensors:                 Plug in Digital Therm (2) 
  • Sensor Range:        55 - 125 DEG C
  • Weight:                   1.6KGs
  • Environment:          IP11
  • Min/Max Temp:      0 - 52 DEG C









Intelligent Boiler Load Control with flow and return digital temperature sensors